Infinite   Possibility  Edutainment

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A company that focus on creativity and cutting-edge technology. Recreating a new experience in  family "education", "entertainment" and "Cultural Metaverse".


Education is not just learning knowledge, but also the ability to control knowledge - wisdom! Let children have the strength to face the future; know "how to think" and "how  to  solve  problems".  A  full  range  of  teaching systems, including online and offline courses that cover age group from 1 to 12 years old.  The upper and lower vertical   integration   of   early,   early   childhood,   and children's  education.  By  using  the  latest  up-to-date teaching methods and complete teaching aids from the United  States,  Israel,  France,  Germany,  Japan  and Taiwan.  IPE's  biggest  mission  is  to  let  children  learn while   playing   in   stress-free   environment,   and   gain wisdom that can be used for a lifetime.


The IPE management team has been engaged in the creation  of  animation  IP  for  more  than  15  years,  and has  created  more  than  200  IPs.  IPE  has  registered various  trademarks  and  copyrights  around  the  world, and  uses  IP  licensing  to  produce  animation  movies, web  dramas,  develop  mobile  games,  franchise  shops and more. The future theme park projects will include cultural  and  entertainment  concepts  from  the  East  & West.  With  in-depth  cooperation  with  global  cultural entrepreneurs  and  expand  the  business  collaboration network  together  to  promote  Chinese  culture  to  the world, and emphasize on world cultural exchanges.

Cultural Metaverse

Since   the   covid-19   pandemic   changed   the   global economy,  most  offline  education  and  entertainment activities have come to a standstill, many opportunities have been taken away.
And because of the pandemic, ways of interaction and business operations have shifted from offline to online within  just  a  year  or  two;  real  space  to  virtual  space. The   world   is   ready   for   the   new   transformation   of traditional education and entertainment.
IPE  has  mastered  the  resources  of  diverse  Chinese culture. Taking advantage of the latest technology, IPE will  become  the  forerunner  of  the  Chinese  cultural metaverse.

Projects and Products


The Promotion and Application of AI


The Cham of Eternal Moments

A photography Solo Exhibition and NFT

by Wong Ting Hua